4 great ways to improve your customer satisfaction

1. Treat every customer as if they were a VIP

Give every customer the same excellent treatment as you would like to receive yourself. It’s as simple as that! You could use some of the following approaches:

  • Thank your customers for their business, both in person and also printed on the receipt.
  • Make a real effort to help your customers and assist them in every way you can.
  • Keep your promises and integrity. If you say that you will contact them to let them know when an item is back in stock – be sure that you do! Every so often, businesses forget or fail to get back to their customers, who might very well find another supplier in the meantime.

2. Keep measuring customer satisfaction

Studies show that 91% of unhappy customers will never come back to a business they believe is below par. By frequently measuring customer satisfaction, you can reduce the number of unsatisfied customers and prevent customer churn. An effective and easy way to measure customer satisfaction is using an online survey tool from a survey provider, such as Netigate.

3. Know how you should survey your customers happiness – the right way

With a customer feedback survey, you are able to find out how happy your customers are with you, if and what you need to do to improve your product or service and to identify those customers who love your product and could possibly send new customers your way. A Net Promoter Score is the ultimate survey to find out how likely it is that your customer would recommend your business to others, with one simple question. If you choose to have a slightly more comprehensive survey, make sure you keep it fairly short, less than 10 questions and not longer than 3.5 minutes.

4. Keep an eye on what customers say about you on social media

When you track and monitor customer satisfaction on social media you are updated on both positive and negative feedback and can take appropriate measures to resolve them. The majority of people use their mobile phones up to 150 times per day and many of them turn to social media when they want to leave a complaint. Take the opportunity and use social media to increase your customer satisfaction!

Here is how you can use social media:

  • As a customer support channel – make sure you are active and respond to your customers within 24 hours.
  • Hold Q&A sessions, live chats and tutorials
  • Monitor brand mentions

A happy customer is for sure one that returns. Read more about how Circle K stayed at the pulse of the market by frequently collecting feedback.

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